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Our Wilmington 10-13 Club Luncheons have started up again.

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New Yorkers on edge as the city works to stop subway violence

ByJohny Fernandez via WABC logo

Sunday, October 23, 2022 12:18AM



62-year-old punched, knocked onto subway tracks in unprovoked attack in Bronx

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Monday, October 24, 2022 11:16AM



Mayor Adams calls weekend safety summit on New York City crime ‘productive’

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Sunday, October 23, 2022 6:29PM



New Orleans officials struggle with funding strategy to retain, recruit officers

The mayor has already committed nearly $195M in government funding on police perks, a plan intended to retain officers



NYPD officer, suspect injured in police-involved shooting in Brooklyn




Calif. governor signs bills to seal criminal records, limit use of rap lyrics in prosecutions

Additional bills require agencies to screen prospective officers and fire current officers for participation in hate groups and allow noncitizens to become LEOs




Suspect arrested in fatal stabbing of FDNY EMS lieutenant

Lt. Alison Russo-Elling was on duty when she was stabbed multiple times near her EMS station



4 Nassau County police officers honored after scary incident involving alleged gang members

Monday, September 19, 2022

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Woman savagely beaten in Queens subway station describes the pain, trauma

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Monday, September 26, 2022 6:42PM

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Video shows Wash. man firing multiple rounds at officers before being fatally shot

During the course of about four minutes, the man fired 15 rounds from two rifles at officers responding to reports he assaulted a family member

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Daily News


Sept.10, 2022

Clear the path: City Council should heed the city and the unions on the Medicare Advantage plan.

We welcome the news that the Adams administration and the city’s municipal unions have reached a deal to jointly ask the City Council to change a law that derailed the planned transition towards a Medicare Advantage plan for city retirees. Now, let’s get to saving the city budget hundreds of millions of dollars.

We appreciate that, for those who’ve worked for years or often decades with the expectation of retirement with certain guarantees, the prospect of change — any change — can seem daunting. And it’s certainly true that the city initially did a poor job of communicating what this shift from the standard Medicare program to this privately managed plan would and wouldn’t do, leaving the door open for confusion and misinterpretation.

Yet many of the concerns expressed by the small group of opponents who sued the city over the change are speculative or anecdotal. The fact that a health provider might not be aware of the new program does not in itself mean that they won’t accept it once the city actually rolls it out, particularly if it’s been structured, as the city promises, so that all doctors who currently accept Medicare will accept the new plan. And while prior authorization is a hurdle to get over, it is not the end of the world.

If retirees are concerned that the shift will negatively impact their care, they should be aware that the new initiative is expected to save the city $600 million a year, set to be reinvested into a fund that supplements care for retirees. In other words, killing the program has significant risks for the care they claim to want to protect.

Litigation has already massively delayed the rollout, caused the insurance companies that were going to manage it to pull out, and resulted in an order that the city couldn’t charge retirees for opting out, undermining much of the cost-cutting rationale for the switch. With a legislative change, the Council can unstick the gears. It must do so as soon as possible.


Renewal for Retirees
As of September 1, 2022, all licensees, including retired members of law enforcement, must have sixteen (16) hours of training and two (2) hours of shooting practice. The State of New York plans eventually to check back three (3) years of the applicant’s social media accounts, but, as of this writing, personnel is not yet in place at the Licensing Division to conduct social media checks.  H.R. 218 certification will be accepted only if it was acquired prior to September 1, 2022. The caveat is that the Licensing Division will assume the retired member of the service had H.R. 218 certification for consecutive years and didn’t just newly acquire it. We hope more information will be forthcoming, but as of this writing, this is what is known at this time.


NYPD chief says ‘worst is over’ as crime in transit declines

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NYPD shifting to hybrid SUVs, electric vehicles as traditional fleet is gradually retired

SUVs, which include both hybrids and all-electrics, are becoming the new norm as the NYPD starts to retire its traditional sedan-based vehicle fleet

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MLB pitcher-turned-Port Authority cop mourned at wake after wrong-way crash

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Retired NYPD officer gets 10-year sentence for Capitol riot

Prosecutors said Thomas Webster tackled an officer, choked him and led the assault on a line of officers



Dallas officer on leave amid investigation into challenge coin



Man awarded $100M by jury after officer tased him during 2018 foot pursuit

The jury found that the officer used an unreasonable amount of force

Aug 30, 2022

https://www.police1.com/investigations/articles/man-awarded-100m-by-jury-after-officer-tased-him-during-2018-foot-pursuit-pRQjkWACsCh9kmQq/ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

FLEOA, FOP win LEOSA lawsuit against state of New Jersey

The suit claimed New Jersey violated federal standards set in the LEOSA statute, which allows officers concealed carry benefits